Electric motor driven walking rehabilitation equipment

Walking Romo

  • Universal design considering physical weakness of the patient.
  • Harness system: Weight bearing reduction and pain relief by preventing the hurt from a fall.
  • Lift system: Wheelchair boarding and weight bearing reduction.
  • Patient management system: Systematic patient management by interlocking with tablet PC.
  • Control system: Setup walking speed, stride, time and so on for customized exercise for each patient.
  • Convenient operation using tablet PC and hand switch.
  • Active walking rehabilitation exercise: Isokinetic training type soft exercise.
  • Passive walking rehabilitation exercise: Knee joint walking type using swing movement of motor arm .
  • Ankle joint control function using wire.
  • Knee fixing device possible to control the height of knee.
  • Allowable maximum weight of the patient: 135kg

Walking Romo Software

Developed to execute rehabilitation training according to the state of the patient by registering the information of each individual patient by interlocking with tablet PC by the Physical Therapist and recording the date, time, speed and stride of the exercise automatically.

Initial Setup Display

Equipment Setup Display